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🐧 WGU C851 - Linux Foundations / LPI Linux Essentials

Just wrapped up my Linux Essentials certification! This class was a super quick one for me, since I've been using Linux on a daily basis for almost a decade. To be safe, I attempted all of Jason Dion's practice exams on Udemy to verify I knew what would be on the exams and consistently got 90%+. All in all, this was easily the quickest test I've ever taken - 40 questions and I wrapped it up in under 5 minutes. Up next, cryptography class!

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🎣 Configuring Exchange 365 to Whitelist Phishing Simulations

I'm working on setting up Gophish for some internal phish testing at my workplace. Gophish is an open source phishing simulation tool written in Go (who'da thunk?) that allows administrators to schedule phishing campaigns to test their employees. Think of KnowBe4, but free and without the salespeople spamming your email and voicemail. One of the hurdles I ran into while setting up our simulation was the increased security of Exchange Online in comparison to on-premise. Previously, when

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🎓 WGU D114 - Implementing and Administering Networking Solutions / CCNA

I just wrapped up my CCNA 220-301 exam! This was not as difficult as I expected, quite honestly - I got myself hyped up because of the weight WGU assigns this class (6 vs the usual 3-4) but it was essentially a more vendor-specific version of the Network+, with some more protocols and networking technologies covered. I spent around a month and a half on this class - I watched the majority of the CBTNuggets CCNA Course hosted by Jeremy Cioara and Keith Barker - this gave me a great ove

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