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🎓 WGU D114 - Implementing and Administering Networking Solutions / CCNA

Written by Tyler on June 8th, 2022 at 11:06 pm.

I just wrapped up my CCNA 220-301 exam! This was not as difficult as I expected, quite honestly - I got myself hyped up because of the weight WGU assigns this class (6 vs the usual 3-4) but it was essentially a more vendor-specific version of the Network+, with some more protocols and networking technologies covered.

I spent around a month and a half on this class - I watched the majority of the CBTNuggets CCNA Course hosted by Jeremy Cioara and Keith Barker - this gave me a great overview of all of the concepts covered by the exam objectives. I used the Boson ExSim-Max practice exams to test myself for a few days before the exam. I also used the Cisco practice exams included with my tuition. I was consistently passing the Cisco exam and mostly passing the Boson exams. The ability to only retake questions I missed on ExSim was incredibly useful during my final week "cram" period.

All in all, the actual exam was a bit of a let down - most of the complex topics I covered in the practice exams weren't covered on the exam. I won't delve deeper into it since there's an NDA, but I definitely feel less like an idiot after passing the exam. Maybe I am a network engineer after all? Up next, Linux Essentials. I'm going to try to pass this one quick.

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